YuGo is on a mission to:

Engage & inspire people of all abilities to enjoy healthy living designed for them.

Through the work we do & the funding we raise for our parent charity Allsorts.

1. Wide eyed innovation

In the quest to deliver the best possible experience for anyone accessing our services we can always be relied upon to create new ideas and deploy them
in innovative ways, we constantly evolve and enhance the experience of everyone accessing our services.

2. A pursuit for inclusive practice

We will always employ our innovative credentials to craft programmes which work for every individual wishing to access them, taking into account level of ability, additional needs and personal preference. As pioneers we accept the challenge of the steep learning curve and are dedicated to finding and creating solutions.

3. A focus on inclusive sport from school level

We support schools and colleges to develop sports programmes which engage and inspire all children into a life long love of sport and exercise. We create space for participants to showcase their talents in a supportive environment that feels rewarding for them.

4. Building relationships, confidence and trust

People of all ages, particularly children with additional needs, are likely to have had negative and distressing experiences with non-specialist providers. We recognise the very real need to protect, support and care for our participants, provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences and develop relationships with both the participants and their families.